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UPVC Door Locks

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Professional Lock Repair

 UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

Finding out what’s wrong exactly is the first task on our list. Difficulties with slipping the key into the keyway and turning it indicate that there is a problem with the cylinder. Count on us to replace properly it in order to restore the functioning of the entire UPVC door lock system. This is an opportunity for you to upgrade to the most advanced cylinders available. They have high resistance to snapping and a mechanism for preventing manipulation. A floppy handle is a sign that the multipoint locking mechanism is greatly damaged or broken. We’ll replace it with a new one which has long and thick locking points. In case both the cylinder and the mechanism have got broken as a result of a break-in attempt, for instance, count on us for full lock replacement. If the door is jammed because of misaligned strike receiver, we’ll open it quickly and safely, and adjust the receiver.

Align UPVC Doors with Precision

When you have trouble opening, closing, locking and unlocking the door, the issue may be with the hinges. If they are loose, the door won’t fit the frame and the locking mechanism won’t fit the strike receiver. We, at Locksmith Central London, have a solution for this problem as well. Rely on us to adjust the hinges and to align the door accurately. If there is any damage caused on the lockset because of the misalignment, we’ll fix it. Count on us to repair the door and frame it if necessary.

When both the door and the lockset are in perfect working condition, you will have the highest level of security.

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