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You can learn more regarding locks and keys from our experts by visiting our tips page.

Here you will discover a wide variety of helpful tips related to door locks, keys and other security devices which property owners use to protect their assets. Make full use of the advice we offer so that you can enjoy the protection which you require.

We deal with door lock issues with velocity

  • Create a Security Room Using a UPVC Lock

    If you own a lot of expensive equipment like high-end computers, jewellery, or luxury motorbikes, you may want to create a valuables room with a UPVC lock so that your valuables stay safe if there is a break-in.

  • Choose door lock lubricant carefully

    You should first check what the manufacturer of the device recommends just to be on the safe side. There are two main options - graphite lubricant and silicone spray lubricant. The former is traditional and proven to work while the latter is regarded to be highly effective against freezing. In any cases, the product must be especially designed for locks.

  • Consider double key replacement locks

    These enable you to achieve a higher level of security compared to their single key counterparts and to the key and turn models. The professionals of our locksmith company in Central London explain that with a double key design, it is possible to lock the door on both sides. In this way, the premises will be more secure even when you are inside.

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