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How to Maintain a Safe

08/01/2015 Back To Blog

Many business owners and home owners opt for safe installation in order to keep valuables protected from thieves and fire and easily accessible at the same time. Modern safes are made to be strong and reliable. Still, this does not mean that they do not require any care on your part. Find out how to maintain your device in excellent condition.How to Maintain a Safe

Inspection and Tests

Inspect the exterior of the device while it is closed - Look closely at the dial or keypad. Watch out for obstructions. Check the handle from all sides very carefully. Pay attention to the condition of the hinges as well. They have to be tight and perfectly straight. If there is any sign of misalignment, timely repair is required.

Test the dial or keypad and the handle - Initiate the safe opening process. Evaluate how well the dial responds to turning or how easy it is to push the keypad buttons. If you feel any resistance, you should have the device checked and fixed as soon as possible. When the safe is in closed position, push the handle gently. It should jiggle a bit. If it stays firmly in place, it requires checking and repair as well.

Inspect the interior of the device - Confirm that the felt is not worn or detached. Make sure that there are no cuts in it. Check the condition of the lock mechanism as well. Look at the bolts and at the holes that they go into. In case of obstruction or damage, lock repair is required.

Proper Cleaning

Remove dust with dry soft lint-free cloth - Clean the door and the exposed walls and elements of the door lockset. Be careful when cleaning the dial or keypad. If there is dirt stuck around the buttons of the keypad, you can remove it with the use of a toothpick made from wood.

Remove oily spots from the handle and dial/keypad with cloth dampened in a bit of lemon juice - When you squeeze the cloth, no juice must come out of it. Rub surfaces gently without pushing hard. You must not use any time of commercial cleaner as it may cause damage.

Clean the felt with slightly damp cloth while keeping the safe unlocked - Do not rub the felt too vigorously. Let it dry before you lock the device.

It is important that you provide maintenance at least once a year. Remember to change the code every three months at least.

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