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The detailed and informative answers to the lock and key questions below are easy to understand

Are you curious about locks and keys of various types? Then you have come to the right place. This specially created web page contains detailed answers to some of the most important frequently asked questions in the locksmith industry. Read all the content and use it to your advantage.

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If you want all your lock and key related questions answered, check out the answers we offer here below to the most frequently asked questions. We try to keep them short and as simple as possible so that everyone can understand them. You will love them and find them useful

  • What are the advantages of using a single cylinder deadbolt lock?

    A single cylinder lock increases the security for any door when used in conjunction with the regular tubular lock system. Since there is a thumb turn at the interior side of a single cylinder deadbolt, it is convenient to use and can provide protection for you and your family even if you leave your tubular lock system unlocked.

  • What are the famous types of deadbolt locks in the market today?

    The two most famous types of deadbolts are the single cylinder and the double cylinder deadbolt. A single cylinder has a thumb turn situated at the interior side of the door that locks or unlocks the system. On the other hand, a double cylinder deadbolt has key holes on both sides and can only ever be properly accessed with keys. Our experts at Locksmith Central London can install and replace deadbolt locks easily for your convenience.

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